Conan demo to tear apart XBL and PSN next week

THQ (by way of Eurogamer) have revealed that a demo for their bloody action title, Conan, will hit PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next week. Xbox Live Marketplace will see the demo on Monday, October 8; the PlayStation Network will see the game when it updates on Thursday, October 11.

I had a chance to play the Japanese build of Conan while at Tokyo Game Show this year, and was impressed (and scared) by how much like God of War it was. From the large quick-time event button prompts, to being able to roll by using the right analog stick, Conan felt like Kratos’ unpopular little brother. The game certainly didn’t feel as polished as God of War, but it was close enough to keep me entertained; being able to pick up and wield multiple weapons was a plus.

Unfortunately, the Japanese demo didn’t contain all of the juicy blood and guts we’ve been seeing — I simply fought spectres and other things that didn’t splatter. Let’s hope the North American demo is gory enough to make me sick to my stomach.

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