‘Comprehensive’ New Vegas patch coming soon(ish)

Bethesda has promised that a “comprehensive” new patch for Fallout: New Vegas is in the final testing stages and will be coming to PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime over the next few weeks. The patch is scheduled to fix many of the game’s biggest glitches, as reported by users. 

The last patch that Bethesda released for PC had over 200 fixes in it relating to scripting/questing issues. This new patch will fix, among other things, the Xbox 360 save file problem that a number of console gamers have suffered. 

The PC version is getting an incremental patch between now and the release of the major fix, to quickly patch up corrupted saves, companion bugs, Havok problems and NVIDIA performance. 

Dear Bethesda: If you stopped using Gamebryo, you could have taken a vacation right now. 

Jim Sterling