Competitive Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod Project M 3.6 beta released

Pokemon’s Saffron City in HD!

Project M is a well known mod amongst competitive Super Smash Bros. players, as it modifies Brawl to be more like Melee. For those of you not in the competitive scene, you might still be interested in the just released 3.6 beta version of the mod — it adds stages, costumes, and other tweaks: 

With the 3.6 beta comes a plethora of new features! Bowser’s Castle is finally making its grand debut, but beware the thwomps! Beautiful remakes of classics like Peach’s Castle and Saffron City make their way to the stage selection screen. Speaking of the stage selection screen, the new alternate stage loader brings back all the Brawl stages and allows for the highest number of playable stages ever in Project M.

Several new costumes will be available to players, from Kart ROB to Dark Suit Samus. The audio team really put their creative caps on and produced some brand new music, sound effects, and a new announcer to enjoy whilst beating each other to a pulp. New aesthetics aplenty are coming with 3.6. Characters like Mewtwo and Pit have never looked so refined. In fact, the entire cast got a beauty boost!

Along with 3.6 comes the most balanced cast Project M has ever had. Cast balancing was a major point of emphasis for us, and it certainly shows in 3.6. New modes have been added as well, as seen in the video. The new option, Auto-L cancel, is here!

Finally, just as Bowser may take on an evolution to become Giga-Bowser, the wafty-man Wario dons his own super-suit to become Wario-Man! With some barbaric speed and combo potential he will surely liven (and stink up) any play session!

On top of all the changes there are a lot of easter eggs added as well as you can see in the video below. I’m especially a big fan of Lucas’ special taunt, which actually does damage if it lands.

Project M 3.6 Beta can be installed with a retail copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl on either the Wii or the Wii U without modding the actual console just by putting some files on your SD card. You can find a tutorial and the download over at Project M’s official website

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