Comparing the best Battlefield 1 pre-order deals

Deals on BF1 from discounts to bonuses

Tick tock tick tock as we head toward October 21 for Battlefield 1‘s impending release. Big fans of the series have probably already pre-ordered eons ago (during the reveal trailer, perhaps?), but the sensible among us are now shopping for pre-release deals. Being the triple-A title this fall, the incentives are plentiful and the best Battlefield 1 deals easily stand out.

If you don’t feel like doing any leg work, we’ve rounded up all the noteworthy Battlefield 1 discounts and bonuses that you should take into consideration before handing over your cold, hard cash.


Xbox One


    For the Xbox One, choices are limited to three retailers where actual pre-order bonuses exist. If you want to join the fray come October 18 (three days earlier), the Early Enlister deal is the way to go, with the best pick in our opinion being the Xbox One download code from the Microsoft Store (the bonus is a $10 gift code). While Dell offers a bigger pre-order bonus, you’ll be able to secure a copy from Microsoft much faster given that it is an instant digital code.

    On the PC, deals are now available in pair, GMG offers Battlefield 1 Standard Edition for $48 after instant savings once ou add to cart and so does DLGamer. Both retailers are confirmed to be sending out keys as of writing – so you can get started immediately after purchase.

    For the PS4 deals of Battlefield 1, pickings are a bit slimmer since you’re limited to only Best Buy or Dell for the rewards. The good thing is, as with the other choices above, Dell will offer free expedited shipping on pre-orders as long as you opt into its free “Member Advantage” program. In return for your email, you’ll get free second-day business shipping on pre-ordered video games.

    Battlefield 1 Pre-Order Bonus

    The standard pre-order bonus for Battlefield is fairly straightforward. If you pre-order a console copy or purchase the PC copy at Origin, you’ll receive the Hellfighter Pack which includes four items of note: a Hellfighter M1911 pistol, a Hellfighter Trench Shotgun, Hellfighter Insignia (uh sure), and the dope-looking Hellfighter Bolo Knife.

    There’s also an early-access perk to an “upcoming map” later in 2016, so yay? The pre-order bonuses are cosmetic in nature as far as we can tell, and we don’t expect the pistol or shotgun to be a game-changer of any sort (they’re probably equivalent to early unlocks for those that have played the Battlefield 1 beta). These deals shouldn’t sway your decision on picking up a copy over the actual tangible pre-order bonuses above ($10 gift code, discounts, etc.).