Comparing Super Street Fighter IV box art by region

We recently got a good look at the North American box art for Super Street Fighter IV, and — how can I put this kindly? — many of us did not find it to be particularly good. More often than not, Europe gets the cool-looking covers, so you’d figure for a game like this, that general rule would apply.

Uh, not so much. I would say that I equally dislike the cover art for Europe and the United States, but Ken’s terrifying expression is enough to push me into thinking us Americans have it better, just this once.

Of course, there’s also the Japanese box art, which is amazing by comparison. I can only hope that twenty years from now, we’ll be having a good laugh over this stuff similar to how we can now … appreciate the art for the 8-bit Mega Man games.

Super Street Fighter IV European Box Art Revealed [electronictheatre]

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