Company of Heroes follow-up confirmed; Summa does happy dance

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Fact: I love PC RTS games.

Fact: I love Company of Heroes and what it tried to do with changing the way RTS games are handled.

Fact: THQ loves me so much they decided to keep on keepin’ on with the series and I couldn’t be happier. 

Here are the down and dirty details of what we know so far about Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts via Eurogamer:

This time around you’ll be playing as either the British 2nd army during the liberation of Caen in France, or taking on the role of the German Panzer Elite as you try to repel Operation Market Garden – the largest airborne invasion in history.

So, there will be two new armies to toy with, each with full length campaigns. Fresh new multiplayer modes, mission persistence, improved vehicle and soldier AI, enhanced physics and a dynamic weather system.

Oh joy. My only issue is, there’s going to be so much gaming goodness when this comes out later this year, that I may not have the time needed to fully commit. Damn you father time! Hurry, someone invent a time machine I can use so I can play all these great games.

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