Company CEO thinks the Wii sucks

While many “hardcore” gamers enjoy dumping all over the Wii’s technical capabilities, you never really expect a corporate CEO to tackle Nintendo’s waggle box with the exact same criticisms. Nevertheless, IBIBO CEO Ashish Kashyap has admitted that he regrets buying the Wii, mostly due to its poor hardware performance.

“Nintendo Wii is something that I bought, but did not use much,” says Kashyap. “It lacks online social engagement and does not have very strong supply of titles in India. The graphics too are not that great!”

IBIBO is India’s first major social networking company, and offers its own range of casual games. What do you make of his criticisms? Are the graphics important? Does the Wii need better online implementation? According to the system’s sales figures, most consumers aren’t too fussed about either. 

IBIBO CEO bashes Wii for poor online, shoddy graphics [GoNintendo]

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