Companion Cube is now available for snorgling

Female Computer Voice: Please enter the next testing room. You are doing very well. Please note that this test is impossible. We apologize for this clearly insurmountable challenge.

You pick up the Companion Cube and find it is made of soft, cuddly plush instead of sturdy metal.

Female Computer Voice: You can not complete this test. There is nothing you can do to complete the challenge presented. It would be best to give up now.

You walk towards the button on the floor, try to place the Cube on it, and nothing happens. It’s so furry. You take it off and sit down, rubbing it on your face. It’s so lovely and soft.

Female Computer Voice: This test is clearly not designed to be accomplished … What are you doing?

You take your shirt off and start rubbing against the Cube like a cat. You forget your quest completely in favor of the warm, delightful feeling of snuggling the plush Companion Cube.

Female Computer Voice: Quit that now or cake will not be served at any time whatsoever.

You ignore the voice completely, rapturously spooning the plush Cube.

Female Computer Voice: Well…….f*ck. 

[Via Kotaku

Colette Bennett