Commodore 64 is coming to a Wii near you

The very first gaming system I had was a Commodore 64, and the very first game I ever bought (or rather, had bought for me) was Dizzy, Prince of the Yolkfolk. It can be said that I have a very nostalgic view of the noble Commodore, but please forgive me for not being terribly excited at the prospect of its library appearing on the Wii Virtual Console later in the year with the first titles being International Karate and Uridum.

Don’t get me wrong — any possible chance to play Wizball again should be cause for celebration, but at 500 Wii Points, the price borders on insultingly excessive. Not only did the games originally retail for £1.99 (practically half the cost of 500 points), you could go to boot sales and buy entire sacks of cassettes for a few measly quid.

Even at £1.00, there’d be no justifying the cost for these games. I love Dizzy and his fellow games as much as the next man, but 500 points is way too much and I don’t expect them to sell well at all. How many typical Wii owners will look at a Commodore 64 game and decide to part with money for it? Not many, I imagine. 

What about you guys? Are there any titles that will be worth dropping 500 points on? What were your favorite Commodore 64 games and do you expect/hope to see them here? Let Destructoid know.


Jim Sterling