Comments of the week: Not at PAX? This one’s for you.

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I’ve done the numbers, and statistically speaking more of you reading this article will have not attended PAX this year than will have. This week’s Comments of the Week is dedicated to you guys. (I play the numbers).

Comments of the Week is a feature where we scour the front page, community blogs and forums picking out comments. The ones that make you think, the ones that make you laugh and the ones that make you cry (but also laugh), and consolidate them into an entertaining package for the viewing pleasure of you, the Destructoid community.

Comments will fall into three categories:

TRUTH: Mass Effect cosplay.

LOL: Pokémon cosplay.

WUT? Custer’s Revenge cosplay.

From Documentary explores a future with augmentation

Let’s say you’re in your house, looking round at what to get in the supermarket. Half an hour later, when you are in supermarket, you could say to yourself

“now, what else did I need to get?”

rewind your life half an hour, and watch yourself walking round the house.

“ahh…cat food.”

From Halo: Reach getting major updates, Magnum coming back

I’ve re-introduced the opportunity though, so let’s see what happens.

From The Halo 4 Warthog is coming to Forza Motorsport 4

This echoes my sentiments, though somewhat more excitedly than I would have put it.

From Gobun: Welcome to My Hidey-Hole

If the FBI are reading this, then Gobun doesn’t really have a 9-year-old girlfriend. He was joking.

From Remakes I want to see

If the FBI are still reading this, then yeah, I don’t know if gunsage is joking or not.

From I’m A Badass/Wiener Because…

Meanwhile, back at JackShadow’s XBox:

From Voting Round 3!

The winner gets the priiize.

From Ohai gaiz

It’s always irritating to be make redundant, but not having to administer a conga line of genital itching anymore may offer some comfort.

From PAX 2011

There are at least a few forum goers who would be totally up for that.

From Badge Ideas Thread

Remember: Only do it at a zoo that you don’t want to be invited back to.

From Kinect Sports: Season Two, you know you want it

This game is downright PORNOGRAPHIC!

From Razer reveals Razer Blade, the ‘first true gaming laptop’

Pictured: Some planet hacking from yesteryear.

From Japanese scientists simulate the future using the Kinect

It’s funny you should mention that, because no.

I NEVER EVER think of sofik’s penis.


From Lollipop Chainsaw: Shuffling zombies with pom-poms

How can you ignore the fact that she is wielding a chainsaw and has a dismembered head strapped to her back? Unique female lead characters in videogames are already hideously rare to begin with, so any step in that direction should be seen as welcome.

If you are simply upset that the cheerleader is not the type of girl you are attracted to, then never mind. Not every female character in a videogame has to make ones loins wriggle. The race card, though, just can’t be played here. 

Grasshopper Manufacture can proudly claim to have some of the most diverse protagonists in modern gaming. They certainly don’t deserve flack because they’ve decided to put a blonde Caucasian girl in their game. Especially with no evidence to suggest that this is a typical depiction and with plenty of evidence to suggest that this is not.

Also, meet this week’s troll roll: Tekmagik!

I think he likes PCs and dislikes consoles. Still waiting to hear back on what he thinks about Macs.

That’s all you’re getting this week. Come back in 7 days and you can have some more of this.

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