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Goooooooooooooooooooooood evening to all of my lovely audience members! Quick question: what the hell are you doing right now, and why isn’t it showering me with love and affection? After all, your dear host, Dreamweaver, is back with yet another round of Comments of the Week! You know, the showcase for community members, by community members, such as yourselves?

If you aren’t too busy at the moment — and if you are, fuck your responsibilities! — come check out all of the kooky things you might’ve missed during your time away, or all of the wacky stuff you enjoyed the first time around! As always, comments are placed into three categories:

TRUTH: the more you talk about someone, the more you fall in love with them.

LOL: I haven’t sneezed in quite a while.

WUT?: I’m sure the two aren’t connected in any way.

Am I being a bit overbearing? Well, that’s because you missed last week’s edition of Comments of the Week, and you know how you worry dear me when you do that!

From Bayonetta and Corrin hit Smash Bros. next week

Dreamweaver: So Bayonetta isn’t the only thing being released?

From So Chandelure actually looks pretty badass in Pokken Tournament

Dreamweaver: The same is said about my penis!

Dreamweaver: Can you be Chandelured into buying me a Bud?

From Here’s what to expect from Destiny’s Crimson Days event

Dreamweaver: So their troll game is stronger than Destiny? :3

From The Division’s beta is being extended by 24 hours

Dreamweaver: There’s a penis joke in there somewhere, but like my ex-girlfriend, that’s too easy.

From Ex-Blizzard devs develop new episodic horror game, Broken

Dreamweaver: Now I’m going to be disappointed if this isn’t a thing!

From Bungie to Destiny players: Are we having fun yet?!

Dreamweaver: That’s the same thing my ex-girlfriend asked me.

From Platinum didn’t want to make licensed games

Dreamweaver: Then you should feel a lot of shame.

Dreamweaver: Do you think they would be willing to sign a certain male anatomy of mine?

From Nintendo confirms new Zelda: Twilight Princess HD details

Dreamweaver: I blame Torchman for everything, even for things that were clearly not his fault!

Dreamweaver: It adds insult to injury, like my ex used to do.

From Doom is coming May 13 with a skeletal collector’s edition

Dreamweaver: Especially people who wear socks while wearing sandals!

From Nintendo Download: Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition

Dreamweaver: Always.

From It looks like the ‘Tomahawk’ outfit in Bravely Second was changed to a cowboy

Dreamweaver: Yes, because this is Destructoid.

From Holy shit, this fan-made Witness puzzle is totally solvable

Dreamweaver: Must be a big ass table.

From Win a free copy of that sexy lesbian ghost game

Dreamweaver: She should have a handful of Dreamweaver. :3

From Firewatch hits PS4, Steam next week for $20

Dreamweaver: The final boss involves a staring contest with the sun. Guess who wins that one?

From Peter Molyneux, who is not speaking to press, speaks to Eurogamer

Dreamweaver: To be fair, that printing press is always gossiping about others.

Dreamweaver: Please, ignore the fact that this is being featured in a community showcase.

Dreamweaver: The Dark Knight Occams Rises.

From Surprise Destructoid caption challenge… GO!

Dreamweaver: …I’m still staring at that girl’s ass.

From You’ll be able to rep Mr. Destructoid in Rocket League soon!

Dreamweaver: He’s very ashamed of the results of his IQ tests!

From Looks like The Binding of Isaac is coming to iPad

Dreamweaver: The title alone is already better than the entirety of 50 Shades of Grey.

From Site maintenance notice: a new Destructoid is coming soon

Dreamweaver: Dammit, why do we keep forgetting to lock the baby gates?

From Review: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Dreamweaver: A real boy bleeds. The bots don’t.

From Square Enix’s Adventures of Mana is out now

Dreamweaver: Just like when my ex denies me sex.

Dreamweaver: Could you post a picture of my ex?

From The past week in gaming news: Detective DeVitachu, on the case!

Dreamweaver: The gritty reboot of Moby Dick.

From Bethesda announces its upcoming E3 presser plans

Dreamweaver: There’s an easy salad tossing joke that I’m not allowed to make. T^T

From Crashlands is much longer than it needs to be

Dreamweaver: Elsa should star in a Bad Grandpa spin-off, Rad Grandma.

From Disgaea PC is launching on February 24, dood!

Dreamweaver: And yet we keep losing him!

From Several new amiibo are up for pre-order today at GameStop

Dreamweaver: They would make one heck of a porno.

From Here’s what Xbox has in store for 2016

Dreamweaver: That poor garden. 🙁

Dreamweaver: I’d imagine the same thing would’ve happened to my sperm if I DID have sex with my ex.

From Review in Progress: XCOM 2

Dreamweaver: No GUTS, no glory!

Well, not dressed like that, anyway.

From Steam Lunar New Year Sale has thousands of discounted games

Dreamweaver: I can tell you what’s not worth picking up. :3

Dreamweaver: But he’s so good-looking!

And that’s it for this edition! As always, stay beautiful!

I’m talking to a mirror. You? You third-world ugly.

Nah, I’m just kidding. <3 That’s be an insult to third-world countries. 😛

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