Comments of the week: Front page get edition

Welcome to the Comments of the Week!

Comments of the Week is a feature where we scour the front page, community blogs and forums picking out comments. The ones that make you think, the ones that make you laugh and the ones that make you cry (but also laugh), and consolidate them into an entertaining package for the viewing pleasure of you, the Destructoid community.

I will be taking captaincy of the feature, but will be enlisting the help of other community members. Not any old chap or chappess with an avatar though. These men and women are no strangers to comments round-up, having cut their teeth on past comments of the week with Commentoid, a series that has been running for almost a year in the community blogs. It is with pleasure that I will introduce these folk to you each week and thank them for their support in the transition to the front page.

Comments will fall into three categories:

TRUTH: Pure sagacity.

LOL: Pure hilarity.

WUT? Pure absurdity.

Now the rules are clear, let’s get started:

[Many thanks go to LawofThermalDynamics for his invaluable contributions to this week’s Comments of the Week.]


From Don’t buy Deadly Premonition on Games on Demand yet!

LawofTD: : )

LawofTD: : (


From The Question: Are you getting a PlayStation Vita?

Sean: This makes complete sense to me. Even if you agree it is an amazing sounding piece of hardware, why would you not wait and see if there is a game worth giving a damn about first?

From I love you, Dtoid.

Sean: I imagined this read in the style of whoever Cate Blanchett played in The Lord of the Rings.

From No More Heroes PS3 ‘viewer mode’ is pretty naughty

LawofTD: … Sold.

From DICE isn’t making any modding tools for Battlefield 3

LawofTD: Fanboys! I knew it was them! Even when I thought it was the bears I knew it was them!

From So I’m terrified of you and I don’t want to be anymore

Sean: I didn’t see the photo, but I doubt you’d want to. Especially if you’ve never been to a bowling alley after closing time with a jar of Vaseline.

From Venting Anger

Sean: I’m painting a really pretty picture about what the forums are like, aren’t I?

From Gears of War 3 leaked due to Microsoft’s incompetence?

Sean: But it goes deeper…

Gears of War 3 is due out in 2011 and the non-final build was reported leaked on 7/2/2011.

Now, 722011 – 2011 = 720,000

Microsoft have said 1,000 times that they are not focusing on a new console yet.

720000 / 1000 = 720

XBox 720 is often reputed as the successor to the Xbox 360, since 360 * 2 = 720.

Who was responsible for the leak? A cabal of dissidents within Microsoft themselves! Why? So that they can push for development of the new console, the Xbox 720! It all makes sense now! 

From Review: Sumo Lounge Titan

Sean: Gives a whole new meaning to the term “promotional shoot,” doesn’t it?

From I’m sorry about this: Pokemen at Anime Expo

Sean: If this turns out to be Samit, and Samit is a Pokeman, then I say all power to him. I won’t judge.

From Left 4 Dead 2 community challenge offers early DLC access

Sean: Try it yourself: The “Don’t agree with me? You must be a fanboy!” gambit. The choice of the winner.


Ruminations on a comment stream

From No Quick Time Events or vehicles for Prey 2

LawofTD: There are a certain group of people that are constantly on attack mode. Sometimes there is a period in space and time in which the forces of LOLWUT? and even TRUTH collide in a cosmic event.

The Beginning

the beginning

The Reaction and Attack

Reaction and attack

The observation

The observation

Crossing the line

Crossing the line

The wise man

The wise man

Also, just because, the Greatest Comeback Ever Told:

Greatest Comeback Ever Told


Sean Daisy