Comments of the Week: CHRISTMAS IS OVER!? Goddess damn it!

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So the holidays are over, which means we’re all probably hung over from partying so much. However, in case you’re so badly drunk that you have no idea what kind of things happened last week, then allow me to remind you of all your embarrassing moments by bringing you Comments of the Week! Yes, that community showcase where I stalk EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU and take humiliating screencaps of your endeavors so I can post them all in one spot!

Well, not ALL of them. I’LL be keeping the naked photos and orgies to myself. :3

However, I still recorded all of the wacky things that came out of your mouths (:3), which you can check out below! As always, you can expect comments to fall under three categories:

TRUTH: Christmas trees are also known as a Yule-Tree.


WUT?: Someone had to make the joke, dammit!

I know, we’re all sad Christmas is over. It seems like just last week, Santa was coming and I was praying to the Goddess that I’ll finally get laid this year. While I didn’t, at least last week’s edition was featured on the front page! That’s ALMOST as good as sex, right? RIGHT!? :3 *twitches*

From Tales of Berseria is coming to PS4 and PC in the west

Dreamweaver: YOU try typing while staring at boobs! It’s not as easy with one hand!

From Score attack! Mario, Metal Gear, Witcher, and more games better than Star Wars

Dreamweaver: Really, isn’t that why we’re ALL here? 😛

From You won’t need to buy the Twilight Princess remaster to get that sweet Wolf Link amiibo

Dreamweaver: “STDs are filthy things that no one wants that out precious penises comes wrapped in.” 😀

From Man sues Bethesda over Fallout 4 addiction

Dreamweaver: I used to use toilet paper for my sperm, but they always seep through. >^<

From That Dragon, Cancer is releasing January 2016

Dreamweaver: Chemotherapy – “How to Train Your Dragon.”

From Telltale plans to implement cloud saving

Dreamweaver: If that very thought doesn’t send chills down your spine, then you have no soul.

Which means you have a fine career of whoring ahead of you! 😀

From Sony acknowledges Vita, saves Banner Saga Vita port

Dreamweaver: I wonder which is which.

From The PSN Holiday Flash Sale has some fine deals

Dreamweaver: But that’s the reason why I don’t swim in the Boston Harbor. ;P

From Uncharted 4 has been delayed again into April

Dreamweaver: It did. It did make it more bearable.

From There’s a new Minecraft world champion, and I could totally beat him up

Dreamweaver: I’d pay to see that!


From Rise of the Tomb Raider just got a demo, so give it a shot

Dreamweaver: Is this one of those times where the only winning move is to not play? Or does he still maul you?

From January’s Games with Gold are for fighters and other fighters

Dreamweaver: Watch what you say to Brett, his dad could beat up your dad!

From The Steam Winter Sale just started, thousands of games discounted

Dreamweaver: I’m not hearing a “no”!

Dreamweaver: Cyber-bukkake.

From Lightsabers in Fallout 4 is, scientifically speaking, something the Internet should like

Dreamweaver: I didn’t know Rad Party God was Jesus Christ Man.

Makes sense, since there are so few Rad Party Gods.

From Splatoon is getting the Rapid Pro Blaster tomorrow

Dreamweaver: Dildo know they’re secretly brothers?

From Review: Sakura Santa

Dreamweaver: Can he heat up my hot chocolate, because he just got BURNED! 😀

From That official Pokken Tournament controller is coming west!

Dreamweaver: Directions unclear. Got dick covered in Blingles.

From Kick off Christmas Eve with a picture of a meatless Pikachu

Dreamweaver: This is why I keep you guys around. For all my Pikachu-based puns.

Dreamweaver: This image is also the scale of my penis compared to a woman’s vagina.

From God Eater Resurection may be coming west

Dreamweaver: I wish I knew what my Goddess tastes like.

Down there.

I’m talking about her vagina.

Sometimes, I wonder if I need to be more clear with my innuendos.

From Xbox One gets discount + $50 gift code at Microsoft Store again

Dreamweaver: “went on a tirade about how life was better in the old days.”

To be fair, Assassin’s Creed III DOES take place during the American Revolution, where we kicked British’s ass.

From Super Nintendo Chalmers is the best thing I’ve seen all month

Dreamweaver: He’s still waiting for the answer.

From Pick Me Up! Super Mario RPG being revived for Wii U

Dreamweaver: I mean, it dries eventually.

From Microsoft says this is its ‘biggest sale ever’

Dreamweaver: We’ll never know what they s

From Noitu Love: Devolution is coming to Wii U and 3DS in 2016

Dreamweaver: If I have sex with a princess, does that mean I got royally fucked over? 😀

From Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star’s Cross-Buy is broken, getting a fix

Dreamweaver: We will riot if you don’t!

From Christmas memories with Destructoid

Dreamweaver: He actually left the room to call his elven assassins. His son knows too much.

From What did you get for Christmas?

Dreamweaver: He needs to FACE facts. 😛

Dreamweaver: That’s his secret to beating games.

From (Updates) PSA: Steam is giving people access to random accounts, don’t log in

Dreamweaver: Words to live by! 😀

Dreamweaver: Fuck you, I’m featuring myself for this edition! 😛

Dreamweaver: I think they’re hitting it off!

Well, that’s gonna be a weird comment to end things with, but you never know what to expect when you live in Detroit — er, I mean, Destructoid! So I hope you enjoyed this edition, I hope you had a happy holidays, and I hope to see you next year!