Comments of the Week: Better check the clock…

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[It’s another round of Comments of the Week brought to you by Dream Seaver of Growing Toids fame. Just kidding! It’s Dreamweaver and there’s a pretty epic Aquaman burn this week. Be sure to join the discussion yourself to see if your own DC flavored rebuttal can make the cut! -Striderhoang]

Because it’s that time again!

Comments of the Week has returned for another edition! Whether you’re a first time reader or a seasoned vet, this series is a collection of funny things you, the community, has conjured up in those beautiful brains of yours, in order to showcase them to everyone else!

So, in case you thought not enough people have seen it, or you simply weren’t here to catch some of our crazy brand of humor, then this is for you! As always, comments are placed into three different categories based on how I feel where they belong, and those are:

TRUTH: for comments that preach knowledge

LOL: for the comments that make you laugh

WUT?: for the comments that you have no idea how to react

Chances are you probably skipped all that, so I’m going to call you a cock and snicker as you remain oblivious to my insults. And cockfighting is only illegal in America.

From Experience Points .05 – Demon’s Souls

Dreamweaver: Only a game like Dark Souls could make you so paranoid you can’t even talk to people without freaking out.

From Review – htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary

Dreamweaver: Ain’t it the truth?

From Review: Resident Evil: Revelations 2: Episode 1

Dreamweaver: Overkill or overcompensating?

Dreamweaver: I now demand Destructoid community dick reviews.

From What did they do to poor Charlie Nash in street Fighter V?

Dreamweaver: Capcom always did know how to spin things.

Dreamweaver: Why not? What else can he do? Charlie don’t surf.

From Grand Theft Auto V won’t make it to PC until April 14

Dreamweaver: I never did trust their pinkies.

From Kane & Lynch join the Square Enic Humble Bundle 2

Dreamweaver: Would love to see that on the front of the box.

From Last Round is the third Dead or Alive 5 release but it has some bugs

Dreamweaver: Actually, those boob physics happens in Dead or Alive on a daily basis.

Dreamweaver: The Lawman is about to lay down the law… with his penis. Nailed it.

I mean her. It’s not polite to treat women like objects.

From Gold Mario amiibo confirmed as Walmart exclusive

Dreamweaver: Gold is gaudy. Nothing would ever make me want that eyesore. NOTHING!

Dreamweaver: …well, now you have my attention.

From Pokédex Animated starts things off right with Cubone

Dreamweaver: Marowak got her marrow whacked by her son. More at 11.

From Is this amiibo white and gold or blue and black?

Dreamweaver: Don’t you mean blue and sticky?

From Bungie adds support for moving Destiny items between characters online and in-app

Dreamweaver: Guess they didn’t foresee their Destiny, am I right?

From Review: Ironfall Invasion

Dreamweaver: He’s been holding that face since he signed the contract.

From President of Nintendo confirms port strike is partially responsible for U.S. New 3DS and amiibo shortages

Dreamweaver: I dock my amiibo, does that count?

From More than three months later, The Master Chief Collection still doesn’t work

Dreamweaver: Is that first name first, last name second, or last name first, first name last? Also, if he had a kid and people asked what its name was, I could imagine it’d go like:

“What’s your name?”



“It’s Charlie. Charlie. Charlie Isay!”

From My Top 9 Dtoider and a few more. Just a few. Kinda.

Dreamweaver: …but I lent Andy my wallet.

From What did they do to poor Charlie Nash in street Fighter V?

Dreamweaver: And when we told him that, he believed he had two hearts and tried to rip one out.

Dreamweaver: What? Moving pictures without a VCR? What kind of sorcery is this?!

From If I didn’t know better, I’d think these custom amiibo were Nintendo authentic

Dreamweaver: Why don’t I just make this whole article about him? Because that’s be an amii-no.

From Nice troll, Best Buy

Dreamweaver: But thank you, come again!

From I Love Nicole Watterson (NVGR AND NSFW – The Amazing World of Gumball porn)

Dreamweaver: I always yell at my penis before I beat it.

From $8 Valkyria Chronicles returns, big Sega sale including Shining Force II. Golden Axe

Dreamweaver: Remind me never to be in the same room as you.

From Damn, shouldn’t have spoiled this Bloodborne boss

Dreamweaver: BBQ – Bloodborne quiche.

From Experience Points .05 – Demon’s Souls

Dreamweaver: Does sticky white stuff come out of my magical slug too? Let me go check.

From Ears bored? Check out these awesome Dtoid community podcasts!

Dreamweaver: Now that’s one eagle I’d love to sore.

From Sibling rivalry: Recruit a Counter-Strike pro to embarrass your brother

Dreamweaver: And if you can’t beat them, join them.

“Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself…”

From That free Super Smash Bros. Club Nintendo soundtrack is starting to ship

Dreamweaver: This scenario of staring at a computer seems familiar…

From Get your grid-based steampunkery on in Vaporum

Dreamweaver: I wonder what a game based on Nyquil would be like?

From I badly want to pop this wall of Dragon Quest slimes

Dreamweaver: …BUT WHICH ONE?

From You can now eat Xbox One burgers in Hong Kong

Dreamweaver: You kinda deserve it if you’re buying an Xbox One branded burger.

Dreamweaver: Sorry, could you take this burger back? It’s BURNT.

From Damn, Hunger is unsettling

Dreamweaver: You’re gonna be Catching Fire for that, you Mockingbird.

Dreamweaver: In the sequel, it’s replaced with the superior Klondike bar.

From Scientists: Don’t jump off buildings into haystacks like an assassin

Dreamweaver: What I took from that was, “So you’re free this weekend…”

Dreamweaver: Getting insulted by Aquaman is an insult in itself.

Dreamweaver: I told you Klondike bars were superior!

From Destroy internet trolls as Social Justice Warriors on Steam

Dreamweaver: MLK voiced by Morgan Freeman. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Well, that’s it for this roundup!

Keep on doing what you’re doing, Destructoid! Who knows: maybe YOU can make it on the next Comments of the Week!

Except you. I don’t like you. Why won’t you look at me? Aren’t I beautiful?