Comments of the Week 73: Ready to go primal

Before E3 edition

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No need to check the clock because you know what time it is! Yeah, that’s right, mail time!

Oh, and Comments of the Week, to a clearly lesser extent. I’m just saying, there’s no magazines of naked women in Comments of the Week.

Anyway, welcome back to the hottest community showcase on the site, where fellow Dtoiders like you can be featured just by posting on Destructoid! Seriously, it’s that easy! For all of you who couldn’t make the time to read through the comments section though, or simply want to remember all of the wacky things we get into up in here, then this is for you. As always, you can find comments placed under three categories:

TRUTH: almost three-fourths of women produce more milk from their right breast than their left.

LOL: now you know which one to aim for first.

WUT?: but what if you’re constantly drinking from the right, never knowing if she was actually lefty?

If you haven’t seen last week’s Comments of the Week, then you should check it out right away. The sooner you get on it, the quicker we can stop laughing at you.


From P.T. spiritual sequel Allison Road cancelled

Dreamweaver: The truth hurts.

Dreamweaver: So, either way, fuck them?

From Downwell is great on PlayStation, with one major caveat

Dreamweaver: He probably got a bag of crushed up Smarties.

From Blizzard muses on the possibility of Overwatch cross-play on consoles

Dreamweaver: Directions unclear, got dick stuck in console.

Someone press eject. Slowly.

From It’s time to pour cocktails for catgirls

Dreamweaver: You mean there’s other kinds?

From Square Enix is making Final Fantasy XII dolls

Dreamweaver: Hey, dolls can get action too.

At least, mine does.

Dreamweaver: You missed an opportune moment to say “cum together.”

Well, I guess you can’t all be as funny as me.

From Comments of the Week 72 – Die… Die… DIE…

Dreamweaver: Congratulations!

Now you have NOTHING to look forward to.

From Injustice 2 seems pretty real

Dreamweaver: But does E3 itself know, or is it like a surprise party?

From Only 22% of Donald Trump’s heart surgeries have been succesful

Dreamweaver: Damn, the Chinese make everything.


From Project: B adds tripping to Super Smash Bros. Melee

Dreamweaver: “He went from Melee to Brawl just to fall and lose it all.”

From The first major Overwatch balance change will be for McCree

Dreamweaver: Porn. He’s talking about porn.

Dreamweaver: Porn. He’s talking about porn.

From Kojima Productions’ mascot is just plain cool

Dreamweaver: Like my ex-girlfriend?

From (Update) Finally! Final Fantasy XII is getting remastered

Dreamweaver: God Dangus.

From Overwatch characters make such good cats

Dreamweaver: Get out.

From More details on Destiny’s newest expansion that may bypass last generation

Dreamweaver: I was expecting a urinal, but this works too.

From The Division will ban cheaters on strike one

Dreamweaver: I propose we say God Dangus from now on.

From Review: Dangerous Golf

Dreamweaver: …I totally understand golf.


From Review: SteelSeries Stratus XL PC/Android controller

Dreamweaver: That isn’t how Brits say “fapped?”

From Watch Dogs 2 is getting revealed this Wednesday

Dreamweaver: Like my dating profile picture.

From Mulder and Scully are straight-up in Yo-Kai Watch 3

Dreamweaver: Wow, he looks like a completely different person!

Dreamweaver: Make it a double.

From Square Enix gives us a long look at the new Deus Ex’s gameplay ahead of E3

Dreamweaver: Funny, women call my genitals “the death zone” too.

From Microsoft cancels Xbox One DVR plans

Dreamweaver: I can imagine that’ll go well.

“Mommy, I went to my friend’s house to play with his Smith.”

From Meet King of Fighters XIV’s Team Kim

Dreamweaver: This is how I want to die.

From Doom’s multiplayer is being taken over by id, who promises to fix things

Dreamweaver: Huh. Now a psychology joke. I totally get it.

From The PS4 Neo is real, but it won’t be at E3 2016

Dreamweaver: Actually, 50 Shades of Grey quoted him.

And that’s it for this edition! As always, go ahead and comment down below which ones were your favorite comments, or submit any that you saw that I didn’t! Maybe even leave a fap or two. I got some magazines of naked women to help you with that…

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