Comments of the Week 66: Twas The COTW Before Christmas

Not a creature was Sieging…except for Soulbow

Hello, everybody! It’s your old pal GoofierBrute here to give you some COTW cheer to all the good boys and girls here…..and those of you who’ve been naughty too. Anyway, anyone got any major plans for the holidays? I’m spending mine at my mom’s, opening presents and eating steak. Probably watch Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse; I hear that’s pretty good.

Anyway, while you think about what awaits you under your tree, have a go at what some Dtoiders said last week. It’s COTW!

GoofierBrute: An army marches on its waifus and metal music.

GoofierBrute: Still better than Siege.

GoofierBrute: Man, forget Joker. When’s Nigel Thornberry coming to Smash Ultimate?!

GoofierBrute: This is how I feel every time the McRib comes back.

GoofierBrute: Being a child means you have the time but not the money to do the things that you like. Being an adult means you have the money but not the time to do things that you like. #Deep

GoofierBrute: This is how I feel whenever the McRib is taken off the McDonald’s menu. (By the way, Donut County won, so maybe there’s hope for us after all.)

GoofierBrute: I get paid in in-game currency!

GoofierBrute: My favorite part of this comment is that it assumes Bethesda actually fixes their games.

GoofierBrute: WHAT A TWIST!

GoofierBrute: This is someone’s fetish. Not mine though. No sir. Excuse me for one second. *deletes browser history, reformats hard drive, smashes computer with a sledgehammer*

GoofierBrute: Uh, wow. Lewd.

GoofierBrute: “Did she rip out his spine?”

Damnit, now I have the soundtrack to Grease stuck in my head. OCCAMS! *shakes fist in the air*

GoofierBrute: NEEEEEEEERDS!!!!!!!

GoofierBrute: I understood all of that, and now I feel old.

GoofierBrute: It’s okay, buddy. It happens to the best of us.

GoofierBrute: I like the way you think, Kevlar.

GoofierBrute: Reason #6911 why anime was a mistake.

GoofierBrute: Hey now, this isn’t fair. Even Kirby’s a picky eater.

GoofierBrute: I have no witty comment here. This is just here to remind everyone that PlayStation All-Stars was a thing.

GoofierBrute: Phantom Thief? More like PHANTOM HEARTBREAKER, AMIRITE GUYS?!

*cries into body pillow, wonders why Joker never returns my calls*

GoofierBrute: Just like that darn blasted, no-good, wall crawling Spider-Man!

…… that I think about it, they’re never in the same room together, are they? Thinking.gif

GoofierBrute: Furby love you! Wants your soul!

And that will do it for this week’s Comments of the Week. I’m going to get a little sappy here and say that I can think of no better community to be a part of then Dtoid, and that I love each and every one of you from the bottom of the darkest pit that I call my heart. So on behalf of everybody at the COTW crew, I wish you a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. May 2019 be as bonerific as 2018 kind of was.

What, no! I’m not crying. I just got some dirt in my eye that’s all. See you guys next time on Comments of the Week!