Comments of the Week 24: A Stand-Out Stand-in

An up-standing, stand-down man

Last week, FakePlasticTree couldn’t make it to the editing room and had to postpone the Comments of the Week. I, however, decided to pick up the slack and work on his edition of Comments of the Week for him

…and then, well, work, hospital, family and my girlfriend all got in my way of putting this blog together. Who has picked up the slack you may ask?

So yeah, this week you get two editions in one day. Lucky you!

I’m going to wear FakePlasticTree’s aesthetic like a skin, as if I’m some sort of blogging version of Buffalo Bill.

These are the comments of the week from last week. You better appreciate it. If not I’ll send a strongly-worded letter to you.

Worldwide Nintendo Switch Sales Top 7.63 Million

TheLimoMaker: Nintendo’nt know how to business.

Ubisoft worked with a ‘cult expert’ for Far Cry 5

TheLimoMaker: I hope Scientologists are in Far Cry 5.

Come watch Sony’s Paris Games Week stream with us

TheLimoMaker: I wonder whether “antipathy” is a normal response to a Cage game.

Sucker Punch announces next game, Ghost of Tsushima

TheLimoMaker: Just call me Limo-san.

Detroit Become Human looks suitably dramatic

TheLimoMaker: The best part of a Cage game is watching other people tear them apart.

Some people are way too good at Mario Odyssey

TheLimoMaker: Bunny ears…always bunny ears, man.

Splatoon 2’s next European splatfest is a battle of breakfasts

 Assassin’s Creed: Origins beats Super Mario Odyssey to the top spot in UK Charts

 TheLimoMaker: Wish granted.

Monster Hunter: World’s beta will be exclusive to PS4 and PS Plus

TheLimoMaker: Look down, look down, don’t look Capcom in the eye.

Super Mario Odyssey breaks two million sales in three days

TheLimoMaker: I fail to see the problem.

Sega won’t be sending out Sonic Forces review codes before release

TheLimoMaker: Sonic Forces > Breath of the Wild.

There’s going to be a Bloodborne comic

TheLimoMaker: At least it wasn’t as bad as the Clone Saga…

TheLimoMaker: I have a sack to show you.

Sonic Forces responds to ‘No Review Codes’ tweet

TheLimoMaker: Guerilla doesn’t get to make jokes anymore.

Are you going to be picking up Switch ports like Skyrim?

TheLimoMaker: I think Skyrim will still be playable on the PlayStation 30.

Owlboy will be hitting consoles, including the Switch, next year

TheLimoMaker: I don’t give a hoot about your puns.

Super Mario Odyssey speedruns are starting to roll in, and they’re amazing

TheLimoMaker: She’s a right Koopa-Trooper in the bedroom.

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth comes to GOG

TheLimoMaker: You drive a hard bargain.

Call of Duty: WWII airdrops your loot boxes for all to see

TheLimoMaker: I learned about this in history.

The Witcher 3’s Xbox One X update sounds significant

TheLimoMaker: Gotta get them there rare Gwent cards.

Deadly Premonition added to Xbox One’s catalog

TheLimoMaker: I shall celebrate with some coffee.

Cuphead’s physical edition opts for a game code rather than a disc

TheLimoMaker: Screw non-physical physical editions.

Review: Thor: Ragnarok

TheLimoMaker: I found that joke rather low-key.

Review: Xbox One X

TheLimoMaker: The next gen is the same as the old gen apparently.

TheLimoMaker: Hacky joke, hacky comments about hacky jokes, hacky Comments of the Week…the list goes on!

That’s it for the week beginning 30/10/2017 but be prepared, because you’ll have another Comments of the Week before the day is out!

A limo maker’s work is never done.