Comments of the Week 11: Never Expires

Always the Freshest Comments

Welcome back to another installment of the previous week’s best comments, or “Comments of the Week,” as we like to call it. You all are stuck with me this week!

As always, this blog will feature all of Dere’s comments, as well as any other comments that are at least half as punny!

Let’s go!

The first of Hollow Knight’s free DLC is here

Gmana: Don’t let the crawlids bite.

EVO, the world’s biggest fighting game tournament, will now allow coaching

Gmana: Sometimes video games require real life strategies, like hitting your opponent in the face.

Review: The Dark Tower

Gmana: Ruff indeed.

Two Pokemon Go veterans take down a Legendary raid by themselves

Gmana: One refused to comment on the victory, the other would only say, “Smell ya later!”

Super Mario Odyssey gets the highest ESRB rating in series history

Gmana: Kids are so sensitive these days.

Nintendo Switch firmware update fixes unfortunate battery indicator issue with some extra legwork

Gmana: I already do these steps during normal play. I’m ready!

Bloggers Wanted: Fake it until you make it

Gmana: Both of these worked for me; now I’m somehow part of the CotW team!

Review: Aztez

Gmana: The game kicks az.

My struggle with amiibo addiction

Gmana: It’s never just “1-AMIIBO.”

Doom’s Olivia Pierce was inspired by Tilda Swinton

Gmana: It will be featured Tilda end of time, or Til someone forgets, whichever comes first.

Review: Patapon Remastered

Gmana: Patapons make the world go round.

Here’s a late look at the trailer for Nioh’s Defiant Honor DLC

Gmana: You Nioh it!

Some mad genius hacked Kermit the Frog into Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Gmana: That isn’t even his final form. *Only Dragon Ball joke I know*

Quickpost by Gus TT Showbiz

Gmana: Pun of the Week!

Quickpost by dephoenix

Gmana: She has caring beyond her years…

Quickpost by gajknight

Gmana: Two bitter enemies that are secret lovers E X P O S E D.

This Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild themed cooking episode is making me hungry

Gmana: Pumpernickel.

I played Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for a few hours and it rules

Gmana: Hopefully it doesn’t get the Old Yeller treatment…

That’s all for this week! Look forward to some fun and exciting changes starting next week. For instance, next week will be hosted by… … …Perro! I hope I pronounced that right.

Will you see me again in five weeks? No!

Thanks to FakePlasticTree for re-giffing comments!
We missed you, ZombZ!