Comments of the Week 03: I’m Not a Fanboy, You’re a Fanboy

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Hello! This week’s Comments of the Week will be run by me, Gmana.

You might not know me since I don’t comment on the front page, but I know all of you. Your comments are the main reason I lurked around here for so long and finally joined, and now it is my honor to be able to wade through them and hand-pick the very best ones.

How do you get into Comments of the Week? Leave a comment that makes me laugh, cry, or is even vaguely Nintendo related. It’s really not that hard. Just make sure it’s better than everyone else’s!

Let’s go!

Dad replaces son’s cardboard Nintendo Switch with real one

Gmana: Playing soon on Nintendo Video!

Magikarp finally gets its due in its own game

Gmana: Just use a Revive and it will be fine!

Thumper on Switch wore me out

Gmana: Don’t let the door thump you on the way out.

Paul Robertson’s Australian Pokemon kick ass

Gmana: The only thing I know about Australia is that Nekro’s dungeon is in there somewhere. Not sure which is more dangerous though.

Upcoming Bloodborne statue costs $800

Gmana: I think that’s still more expensive than the plushie…but at least it comes with a free game!

So this is Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, huh?

Gmana: :'(

Gmana: :”'(

Gmana: New Donk City really changed them.

The no-fail guide to having fun with Pokemon: Magikarp Jump

Gmana: Instructions unclear: It didn’t uninstall and I’ve been playing it every hour and a half for the past three days.

How has Injustice 2 been for you so far?

Gmana: No need to get all up in ARMS about it…

Review: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Gmana: Arr-ghhh…

Gmana: Pirates of the Caribbean: Not Sure Why This One Got Cross-Posted to Destructoid but it Had Funny Comments.

Pokemon GO cheaters subtly punished

Gmana: I have a feeling that they’re already there…

Gmana: Well you can’t be too pidgey…

Relive Ash Ketchum’s first adventure at Japan Expo ’17

Gmana: I can see all of these happening. Maybe even sequels if they’re successful enough!

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier wraps up next Tuesday

Gmana will feature that.

Review: Vanquish (PC)

Gmana: Life is Strange.

Gmana: Now all we need is for A Link Between Worlds to be reviewed properly and all of life’s mysteries will be solved!

Skydiving with a Nintendo Switch looks terrifying

Gmana: Most efficient way, too.

Gmana: Free Switch!

Comments of the Week: Reboot – Pilot

Gmana: Well, you’re not wrong.

 Upcoming Bloodborne statue costs $800

Gmana: That- that’s about it.

A reboot of the Resident Evil film franchise is planned because why the hell not

Gmana: Is this the real life? Is this just Final Fantasy?

Game releases for Wii U

Gmana: I hear it’s a Big Brain Academy.

Quickpost by AdmiralAckbong

Gmana: Catch! Feel better soon, Admiral!

~~~The following comment is sponsored by weslikestacos~~~

Quickpost by taterchimp

Gmana: You two would make a cute couple.

~~~End sponsored comment~~~

Check your email for some bonus My Nintendo points

Gmana: I love  ! Too bad I already own it.

Ouch, Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII remake to launch ‘in the next three years or so’

Gmana: Eventually we will just get a game with all the stories retold with all the characters. It will be on mobile.

That’s all for this week! Will I ever be allowed to do Comments of the Week again? Tune in next month to find out!

Next week will be hosted by none other than ZombZ! That overachieving nerd already has his intro written out and everything, he’s just waiting for your comments!

Huge thanks to ZombZ for creating header images for everyone, and for zombifying gif comments!

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