Comments of the Week 02: An Englishman is Always Right

It’s tea time

Good evening fellow Destructoid dwellers. This is Comments of the Week, hosted this week by me, TheLimoMaker, the only English person in the team who runs this weekly blog. 

Now, since I am the only English person in the group, I feel compelled to bring some elegance to this section every week which I’m sure, for those of a higher class amongst you, will be greatly appreciated. That being said, I do also feel compelled to feature nothing but penis jokes because who doesn’t like a good phallic object? 

This is the section where we feature all of the comments that we have found the funniest or most profound throughout the week. Maybe you’ll be featured, maybe you won’t; it’s all down to how funny we find you. Remember, if you aren’t on here this week, you haven’t been funny all week because I say so. 

 Let’s get on with it shall we?

Rumour has it that Microsoft is trying to revive Scalebound

TheLimoMaker: It’s always a slow news day when reporting on Microsoft.

Review: Prey

TheLimoMaker: I prey for you all after making those puns.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe gets a patch

TheLimoMaker: Sleep is for the filthy casuals who forgot to put souls into their “Insomnia” stat.

Capcom hopes to eventually sell 10 million copies of Resident Evil 7

TheLimoMaker: Resident Evil 4 ported to the NES Mini… Oh wait.

Microsoft’s massive backwards compatibility flash sale is live

TheLimoMaker: What’s wrong, you don’t like PS2 classics?

First Japanese TV spot for Gundam Versus debuts, pre-order DLC appears

TheLimoMaker: When senpai notices you due to being a loli which makes you incredibly kawaii… Am I weebing right?

Netflix is making a prequel to The Dark Crystal and dreams do come true


Overwatch anniversary event and game of the year edition incoming

TheLimoMaker: Only therapists play as a healer because they’re excellent at support.

TheLimoMaker: Overwatch? More like Spraywatch.

Japan: console and game sales plummet following Golden Week

TheLimoMaker: Damn double posts.

New Shadow of War trailer promises ‘Nothing will be forgotten’

TheLimoMaker: What were we talking about again? 

Oh wow, they’re making a new Pizza Connection

TheLimoMaker: That pizza pun was cheesy.

TheLimoMaker: Ew. 

Destiny Raiders kill all bosses without using their guns or dying

TheLimoMaker: It’s knife to know other people enjoy weapon puns.

A new Life is Strange game is in the works

TheLimoMaker: It’s going to be radical. The release of the game is downright tubular.

TheLimoMaker: I like to call that a ‘Wednesday.’

There will be more Overwatch shorts they just ‘take a long time’

 TheLimoMaker: I’m more of a banana-hammock guy myself.

That’s it for this week, check back next week when one of my more talented co-hosts takes over and shows you things you thought you’d never see. Also, we are looking into adding QPosts here as soon as we can – had some technical trouble my end this week which has been a pain, so hopefully in the next few weeks you’ll see these blogs get longer with even more variety to boot! 


– TheLimoMaker