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That’s it man, game over man, game over! What are you gonna do now? What are you gonna do? 

Comments of the Week is a feature where we scour the front page, community blogs and forums picking out comments. The ones that make you think, the ones that make you laugh and the ones that make you cry (but also laugh), and consolidate them into an entertaining package for the viewing pleasure of you, the Destructoid community. 

Comments will fall into three categories: 

TRUTH: You can’t handle it. 

LOL: Roff L. Mow. 

WUT? I am twelve and what is this?

From Skyrim collector’s edition features F*CKING DRAGON 

Skyrim collector's edition features F*CKING DRAGON photo

Let’s just check: 

Yep. That’s a dragon. 
It doesn’t look much like the dragons in Florrie’s Dragons though. 

From Post your Desktop 

From: Yep, those Batman: Arkham City outfits will be DLC 


From: The Chronicles of The Traveling Brournal 

The Bear King hassles strangers in the street and asks for their Post Count. No fake. 

From: Guilty Pleasures: Games You Like that Everyone Else Hates 

I have to say I liked it too. I played it on the GameCube, so there’s a double-whammy of underrated for you. 

From: Venting anger 

Lord knows you can’t whoop ’em like you used to could. *spit* 

From Review: Bleach: Soul Resurreccion 

::amusing quip, riffing off of laundry joke:: 

From: PlayStation Network PLAY action game line-up announced 

From: Hipster gamer: What games do you hate that others love? 

Psssh. Keep your fancy games. I just hit rocks together. 

From: You Laugh, You Lose 

Bitches be all over the clarinet players. 

From: Random Pictures Thread 


From: PS3 Friday Night Fights: Objectives Edition 

…and there goes my interest in PS3 FNF that night. 

From: CBlogs of 08/04/2011 and ScottyGasms 

Careful; if you do opt to sleep with Handy, he’ll want a bedtime story. 

Followed by an hour of angry sex. 

From: Bethesda sues Minecraft creator Mojang over trademark 

Your videogame is less videogame than my videogames. STOP VIDEOGAMING WRONG. 

From: Yep, those Batman: Arkham City outfits will be DLC 

Holy puffy areola Batman! 

From: PlayStation Network PLAY action game line-up announced 


From: Sonic Team: Old school Sonic fans hard to please 


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