Comments of the E3 2018: Sony Presentation

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled gaming show to bring you Phalanx Pheller!

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Hello everyone, FakePlasticTree here to bring you a special edition of Comments of the Week, centered entirely around the Sony Conference. In a somewhat surprising, and yet not all that surprising, turn of events, Sony done goofed with a heavy delay on their presentation due to technical difficulties. The titles they had to show generally consisted of the games that we already knew were coming. There were a few surprises, like the reveal of the Resident Evil 2 Remake (finally) and Nioh 2. Disregarding all of that, they brought some nifty looking games to the show!

On to it!

FakePlasticTree: Sony are nothing if not a good sport in letting the others be the Homecoming Queen this time.

FakePlasticTree: Gustavo Santaolalla wouldn’t come to a video game convention without a cosplay.

FakePlasticTree: ¡Cógelo! ¡Cógelo! ¡Cógelo! Call Hitler! …wait, what?

FakePlasticTree: Clicking, you say?

FakePlasticTree: Honestly, who wouldn’t sweat in a church?

FakePlasticTree: Actual footage of WesTacos after a few Mojitos.

FakePlasticTree: She was quite a presence.

FakePlasticTree: We interrupt this intermission to bring you another intermission!

FakePlasticTree: All of these video games are interrupting my ad marathon!

FakePlasticTree: Absolutely, if I wanted “audio” I’d go to a rock concert, or the local pub, depending on your preference.

FakePlasticTree: What’s with all these womeenz in mah vidyagaymes.

FakePlasticTree: In the end, Ratatouille was the true villain of RE2. Trust me, it’s canon.


Quickpost by JohnSmith123

FakePlasticTree: I think you’ve played enough Kojima games. It’s time to stop playing.

Quickpost by CaptainDustTree

FakePlasticTree: Oh, Kojima.

Quickpost by ObliqueZombie

FakePlasticTree: Female samurais!

And that’s all for the PS4 conference. Thanks a lot for the fun time with the streaming, people! As I’ve said before, the best part about E3 is never the announcements, but rather watching the insanity unfold alongside others.

Stay Safe!

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