Comment of the Week: Lack of originality in whining

Earlier this week, we pointed to Marvelous’ Yasuhiro Wada’s statement on the lack of originality in games. He feels that Japan’s gamer population is shrinking due to the lack of variety in gaming.

We agreed with that lack of originality, as did many of you. Wada pointed back to the days of the Saturn and PlayStation, days where he thought game releases were fresh and original. It was an exciting time and many came to videogaming. That time and today are very different,” Wada said.

But maybe we are so focused on the past that we’re overlooking the original games that do come out. One of our readers was quick to remind us of the good stuff that we have now, as well as what’s on the horizion. This gave us our Comment of the Week (or last week).



Why it won: 

Sometimes we’re quick to bitch at how things are, forgetting how good we’ve got it. From Elsa’s perspective, there’s plenty of originality still coming out in videogame form. 

Elsa will receive a code for the delicious fighter Marvel vs Capcom 2, for the Xbox 360.

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