Commander: Start the Internet speculation train, this just got real

I’ll never fully understand what makes viral marketing fun. Is it the rampant speculation? Is it realizing that you were totally wrong? Is it hunting down the clues? Regardless, the Commander Web site has been updated again. This time we get a picture and a song to mull over.

The picture features a black-figure character against a solid blue background. He’s humanoid in form, but the cyclopean eye certainly disproves the text on the image that states, “I am only a man.” The music is a simple little ditty that makes me think old school puzzle game.

Last week Tubatic broke it down quite nicely, finally arriving at the possibility that it could be Cursed Mountain or a Zone of Enders sequel. Nintendoll thought a little bit more outside the box and arrived at the conclusion that it was a game about Skeletor. Nick Chester backed her up by posting a picture.

Does anyone have any more ideas? Remember, as indicated by our first Commander post, this appears to be a Wii-exclusive title.

Brad BradNicholson