Comic Jumper, Maw dev outs Turbine’s console MMO

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[Update] Not surprisingly, Turbine has no comment at this time. We’ll keep you posted when it does, of course.

[Original] It’s long been known that Lord of the Rings Online developer Turbine has been dabbling in, or at the very least considering, console game development. Now, Twisted Pixel — developer of the critically acclaimed Maw and ‘Splosion Manhas revealed its work with Turbine on an upcoming console MMO.

“It’s still hush hush, but we just finished a contract with Turbine to help them build an awesome new MMO intended for consoles,” the developer writes on its website adding that “it was a fun project” and it can’t wait to play it.

“If you want more than that, you’ll have to take it up with Turbine, because we can’t spill the beans on their top-secret game,” Twisted Pixel says.

So we did just that, reaching out to Turbine for comment. We haven’t heard back yet, but have a feeling that it won’t speak until it’s ready to reveal the project in full. But at least now we know it’s coming, if only semi-officially. The only question remains is what platform(s) will it appear on, and will it be totally awesome?

Twisted Pixel is currently putting the finishing touches on its upcoming Xbox LIVE Arcade title, Comic Jumper. Yes, it looks totally awesome.

Rumor: Twisted Pixel working on Turbine’s console MMO [Massively]

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