Comic-Con is staying in San Diego

San Diego is nice, I guess. It’s a boring kind of nice, with blandly nice people, sufficiently nice food, and painfully predictable (but nice) weather. It’s where you go to live a flat, pleasant, unexciting but mostly inoffensive life. They have a lot of Walgreens locations. And a pier. And sun. Blah. Let’s get real: the only time the California city is exciting is during the summer, during Comic-Con.

After a long stint there, Comic-Con was talking about getting the fudge out of town to where the exhibit space was cheaper and where the asshole hotel owners wouldn’t price hike and financially ruin the guests for their stay during the event. Word was that LA offered the convention center up at no cost. Besides, the San Diego convention center contract expired in 2012. The otherwise boring town had to sit up and take notice! What would San Diego be without Comic-Con? Sun-weathered faces and seagull sh*t? Hey, at least the weather is “nice,” right?

They worked it out. Contracts were negotiated with 64 convention block hotels, giving discounted rates through 2015, says Sign On San Diego.

“We’ve always had a desire to stay in San Diego, and we had three amazing proposals,” said Comic-Con spokesman David Glanzer. “It was obviously a very difficult decision, one born out by the amount of time it’s taken to make that decision. But in the end San Diego was able to address a lot of our concerns.”

Comic-con is awesome for looking out for their attendees and guests. We appreciate that. Thanks for slapping some sense into San Diego. It sounds like the city is working to expand the convention center to better fit Comic-Con. 

Dale North