Comic-Con 08: Dexter to be iPhone and iPod exclusive

When we last talked about a Dexter videogame, we really weren’t sure what it was going to be about or for what platform. While we still don’t know how the game will operate, it has recently been confirmed by IGN that it will be episodic in nature, and only offered on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The announcement came from an event at Comic-Con surrounding the Showtime series.

There’s something about Marc Ecko and a sociopathic blood spatter analyst that doesn’t quite mix. Even though some of Ecko’s clothing designs closely resemble what Dexter looks at by day (and night), I’m definitely not sure if this developer was the correct choice. Regardless, this announcement doesn’t necessarily surprise me considering the amount of Apple love the series gives every episode. Although, I’m left to wonder how exactly this game will work. Are we supposed to tilt our iPhones to syringe a bad man in the neck? Perhaps we’ll be able to scribble on the screen in an attempt to act out Dexter’s childhood anxiety over living in a pool of blood for a good while. What do you guys think?

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