Comic-Con 08: Captain Obvious noticed there sure are a lot of Halo toys here

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Saying that there are a lot of Halo toys at Comic-Con is kind of like remarking that there’s a lot of half-ass cosplayers and inappropriate body odor — if you’ve been, you already know. Still, there is definitely a lot for the Halo fan to choose from at this year’s show, and everyone from McFarlane to Previews had something to show.

We also spotted some other figures of interest at the McFarlane booth: both the Guitar Hero figures and the new Call of Duty series were on display, looking mighty fine. The Guitar Hero figures are a lot smaller in person than they looked when we posted them over at Tomopop, although the Johnny Napalm figure is much larger than the others.

Even though I don’t play Call of Duty personally, I have to admit to being astonished by the detail of these new pieces. The expression on the Marine Infantry soldier is absolutely one of the most realistic I’ve seen at this price point ($10-$15 per figure), and it’s easy to see why people would want to score these. Check out our previous post on them if you want more details! 

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