Comic-Con 08: Brand new Resident Evil: Degeneration trailer makes me feel itchy

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Here’s the first real trailer for Capcom’s upcoming CG Resident Evil movie. We were treated to a little teaser trailer back in December, but now we have a full-blown trailer for Resident Evil: Degeneration.

The movie takes place seven years after the destruction of Raccoon City and the outbreak of the T-Virus. The virus is back once again as it’s unleashed in an airport somewhere in America forcing the Government to seal off the airport and trapping everyone inside. Claire Redfield just so happens to be in this airport and is soon reunited with Leon S. Kennedy. The two must work together to destroy the outbreak and eventually come across a behemoth boss-like character with a giant eye … Wait. Giant eye? Big eyes are caused by the G-Virus …

Resident Evil: Degeneration will be in theaters this Fall in Japan and on DVD and Blu-Ray here in America later this year. I am a giant fanboy when it comes to Resident Evil so I cannot wait for this to come out!

Also, a little bit of geek fandom if you will: Paul Mercier, the voice of Leon from Resident Evil 4, will voice Leon in Degeneration. Even cooler, Alyson Court, who voiced Claire in Resident Evil 2 and Code: Veronica, will voice Claire in the movie as well! 

[Via IGN]

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