Come win one of our 15 copies of Halo Wars 2

10 here, 5 over on Twitter

[Update: Just a bump before we close the contest tomorrow. Get your entries in now if you want a shot at winning! Also, if you’re curious how Halo Wars 2 turned out, go give our review a read.]

Look, we simply have too many copies of Halo Wars 2. We have one that got used for a review (coming soon!) and maybe there’s another floating around somewhere, but 15 extras?! Too many. Something has to give.

Alright, it’s kind of disingenuous for me to imply that our surplus is your gain. These codes were never actually for us. Amazon Games was nice enough to send 15 copies of Halo Wars 2 our way, but they were always intended for you. We’re just the middleman.

If you want in on Halo‘s second shot at real-time strategy, we might be able to hook it up for free. (Alternatively, if you don’t want to play the waiting game with your fingers crossed, here’s where Amazon’s selling Halo Wars 2.) Fifteen sounds like a lot, but you’ll still need some luck on your side.

Here’s how this will work: We’re going to give away 10 of the 15 codes in this post. The other five are going to replies to this tweet. Feel free to enter both places! We’re closing the contest on February 17, so get your entry in soon. That should be plenty of time to pre-load before the February 21 release date. Also, note that these are digital versions of the game, so they work through the Play Anywhere program on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

All I need from you is a comment telling me what’s your favorite Halo game or what’s your favorite real-time strategy game. If you want to explain why, fantastic. You went above and beyond. Way to take the initiative. It won’t help you win this contest, but it’ll probably help you get that big promotion at work. Proves you’re a real go-getter, a doer and not a talker. They could use leaders like you.

And, if you’re lucky, you could get some experience leading troops around Halo Wars 2‘s battlefields.

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