Come watch us play Streets of Rage 4 and ask the developer questions

Bare-knuckle streaming

In case you hadn’t heard, we kind of love Streets of Rage 4. Moyse gave it a 9/10, saying “Comebacks rarely get much better than this.” This three-way collaborative effort between Dotemu, Guard Crush, and Lizardcube is faithful to the retro Streets of Rage while serving as a modern realization.

It’s Streets of Rage 4‘s launch day and, naturally, we’re going to play it. That much shouldn’t surprise you — we’re always hitting the latest and greatest on our Twitch channel. However, this one comes with a unique opportunity. You have a hotline straight to the developer.

Dotemu is gracious enough to hold an AMA specially for the Destructoid community. It’s going down at 3pm Pacific, which is basically right now. (It’s super late in Europe which is where Dotemu is located!) Head over to Twitch chat to ask whatever burning questions you may have. 

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