Come watch today’s September 2022 Nintendo Direct with us

Nintendo Direct watch

Which is “mostly focused on games launching this winter,” with a surprise perhaps?

It’s time for a Nintendo Direct watch post, can you believe it?!

No, it’s not a “Pokemon Presents” or some other form of Direct-adjacent stream, it’s a full “Nintendo Direct,” period, that’s 40 minutes long. As a reminder, here’s what Nintendo is giving us in terms of the details of the Direct:

“Tune in at 7 a.m. PT on Tuesday, Sept. 13, for a Nintendo Direct livestream featuring roughly 40 minutes of information mainly focused on Nintendo Switch games launching this winter.”

That’s 10AM ET!

What could Nintendo show us today?

We gave our thoughts yesterday on what we could see, but as a recap, Bayonetta 3, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and potentially Advance Wars are all games that are launching, or in the latter case, could launch by the end of the year from Nintendo itself. Of course there’s other stuff slated for Switch from third parties, and there should be at least one or two surprises baked in.

“Mostly focused” implies that we could see updates for games beyond “this winter.” We haven’t had a real update on Metroid Prime 4 for a while, and of course there’s the elephant in the room of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. And Nintendo could give us at least one massive tease that’s years off, just like it teased Bayonetta 3 a long, long while back.

In any case, you can watch the Direct below and comment along with the community!

Watch the Nintendo Direct streaming on YouTube:

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