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Gather ’round for The Keighleys

It’s December. Normally, I don’t like this because December means cold weather and I prefer it to be warm when I do all of my not-going-outside. It’s okay this time, though. Without going all hyperbolic “Worst. Year. Ever.” internet person on you, I’m kinda ready for 2017. December means we’re getting close to that.

December also means that it’s time for The Game Awards, the MTV Music Awards of video games. It’s a lot of sizzle and flash, marketing and hype. There’s still a Most Anticipated Game award, and that says a lot about this show’s nature. But, for all the advertising, it’s also a sincere look back at the past year in games (and here are all the nominees).

If you plan on watching The Game Awards tonight, do so with us. Click play on that stream and hop in the comments to share your every thought. It starts at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific, but the pre-show is a half-hour earlier. If you’re not keen on YouTube, there are plenty more options. The Game Awards is also streaming on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and from the home screens of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

And, if you can’t make it, fear not. We’ll be breaking out all the coverage of The Game Awards on the front page. You’ll hear about everything that happened one way or another. If you’ve got time to kill before the show starts, listen to the new episode of Podtoid where we predict all of tonight’s winners.

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