Come watch someone’s dad do Street Fighter II’s victory poses

Yeah, he does Chun-Li’s ‘Yatta!’

Street Fighter’s victory poses have always been kind of daft to me. Instead combing their hair, doing backflips, or laughing at nothing, chances are as soon as a real fight was over people would just limp away mumbling various swear words. I know real fighters also don’t tend to shoot energy balls out of their hands, but let’s just ignore that for now.

Yet somehow when Nick Luciano’s elderly father does the same poses, the results were endearing as hell. He’s not exactly doing Vega-style backflips, but he can pull off a mean Dhalsim dance, and as far as I’m concerned that’s all that matters.

Now I want to see how he’d do Rufus’ victory pose.

Goofy Dad Recreates Street Fighter’s Victory Poses [Kotaku]

Joe Parlock