Come watch Bethesda’s 2019 E3 press conference with us!

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Bethesda has gotten pretty good at this, huh? It has been five years since Bethesda ventured off and created its own E3 press conference. It wasn’t necessarily a bold move; other major publishers like Electronic Arts and Ubisoft had been doing it for a long time. But, Bethesda was the first company with the gall to start E3 on Sunday evening. (EA has since pushed that line back to Saturday afternoon.)

In those five years, you’d be hard-pressed to say that Bethesda had a bad show. Well, 2017 didn’t blow anyone away (debut of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and The Evil Within 2) but it wasn’t bad. Other years have been punctuated by legitimately exciting moments, like the surprise release of Fallout Shelter, a deep dive into Fallout 4, a Prey reveal, and some super gory looks at Doom and Doom Eternal.

All of this to say: Bethesda has a good track record even if we have no idea what to expect tonight. Doom Eternal is a lock — it’s Bethesda’s highest-profile 2019 game, and it’s even on the side of the Hotel Figueroa in downtown LA. After that? There might be something about year two plans for Fallout 76 (and the crowd might boo!) And…Brink Reloaded: Back on the Brink Again?

However, there are two giant tantalizing question marks hanging over this entire thing: The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield. Of the two, Starfield is the better bet as Bethesda’s Bombshell. It has already been confirmed that Starfield will release sooner than the next Elder Scrolls. Also, for what it’s worth, Bethesda’s pre-event marketing has centered around characters gazing up toward the stars. They’re also standing out in a field. So, you know.

Get cozy, slip on your commenting robe, and get to typing some clever remarks. Maybe you’ll get like 100 upvotes! Best E3 ever!

(Also, here’s a link to this week’s press conference schedule so you always know which publisher is up next.)

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