Come sWiit death (Update)

Proof positive that 2007 will be much more hardcore (hardcorer-er?) than 2006, OrangeAlexander has upped the ante on Colette’s pick for funniest t-shirt last year by making our readers’ comments a reality.

The Wii Death t-shirt has a repositioned Wiimote going right into a tender lung, blood spatter, and a drippy lanyard that make the Wii fatality look tame (and/or lame).

If anything, it serves as a good guide as to where to stab your best friend after getting pummeled in Wii Boxing…again.

[Via BoingBoing]

[Update: The Wii Death t-shirt is currently SOLD OUT. Sure, BoingBoing had something to do with it, but we all know it’s dtoid that put them over the edge.]

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