Come see Star Wars Battlefront II’s loot crate system in action

This is how you’ll earn and upgrade Star Cards

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Star Wars Battlefront II will have a single-player campaign and its post-launch maps won’t be tied to a way-too-expensive season pass that divides the player base. Those weren’t my only concerns for the sequel, but they were the important ones — the things DICE absolutely needed to get right.

In exchange for new maps, modes, weapons, and characters arriving as free updates, the studio has shifted to the lucrative loot crate model for Battlefront II. It’s a trade I’ll accept, assuming the drops are tuned properly and unlocks come at a halfway reasonable rate. You can get an early sense of the progression system in this EA-sanctioned video from YouTube user BattlefrontUpdates.

It works as you’d imagine. With credits earned in-game, you can buy crates of different rarities that drop items like equippable Star Cards, credits, and crafting parts, the latter of which are used to craft new Star Cards or upgrade your existing ones to the next, more powerful rarity tier. To that end, any duplicate drops you get from crates will be converted to crafting parts. They won’t go to waste.

Big picture, I’d say this seems tolerable. I’d prefer to have crates dole out cosmetic unlocks instead of gameplay-affecting gear, but I’d also rather have this approach than a base-splitting season pass.

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