Come play King of Fighters XII, Street Fighter IV challenge

Last year Anime Matsuri (Houston, Texas, April 10-12) was one of the first to have Tekken 6 available for play. This year they follow that debuting tradition with the highly anticipated King of Fighters XII.

In the gaming portion of this convention, SNK Playmore’s King of Fighters XII will be there in cabinet form, ready for you to play it ’till your fingers turn blue. I’ve been dying to touch it ever since I saw hot new footage at GDC last year. This beatutiful, 100% hand-drawn game is set to hit arcades this month (and later this summer on consoles), but you can get a first taste at Anime Matsuri.

There’s also a Street Fighter IV challenge going down at this event.  Import Model Masuimi Max will choose three contestants to go head-to-head with Legendary Otaku, a famed Japanese fighting game champ and El Fuerte pro.

This is all on top of the Showdown Championships tournament we already told you about, which will feature all the hottest arcade games live on stage. This all goes down next weekend, April 10-12 in Houston. We’ll be there. Let us know if you’ll be there, too.

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