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Tekhartha Zenyatta (Zenyatta or Zen for short) is one of the more unique characters in Overwatch, an enlightened Buddhist priest in the body of an android. I’ve written before that he reminds me of the character Lobsang in The Long Earth series of novels, a machine intelligence who claims to be the reincarnation of a Tibetan motorcycle repairman for legal purposes.

Zenyatta combines spirituality with technology and uses some combination of meditation and antigravity to hover slightly above the battlefield, never touching the ground. All of his abilities are tied to the ring of Mala (prayer beads) that float around his neck. He can use these orbs to attack, heal his friends using Orb of Harmony, or to boost the damage his team deals using Orb of Discord. They’re an unconventional weapon, but he uses them very effectively.

We’ve written many times before about the series of videos done by the folks at Man at Arms where they demonstrate the fabrication of a real world version of a game-inspired weapon. This video by follows Marissa Deal as she creates one of Zen’s orbs in real life, and she even makes it float unsupported and glow with an inner light. You can watch the video below.

Zenyatta’s one of my least used characters in Overwatch, but I still wouldn’t mind having one of these orbs on my desk. The magnets would probably screw with my monitor, though.

Zenyatta’s Orbs – Overwatch – AWEme Artist Series [YouTube]

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