Come help me get through Uncharted 2 on Backlog!

[We’re all done for tonight, but be sure to tune in to our future live broadcasts Monday through Friday at 10pm Pacific!]

Look, I buy games. I buy lots of them and I’m utterly incapable of resisting what appears in my mind to be “a good deal.” So, I wind up with all of these games that I have purchased at cheap prices but never get around to playing them. My shelves are stuffed with broken promises and shattered dreams.

Then I got to thinking: What if I created an obligation by which I would be forced to play through these games to completion? 

So, I’m happy to introduce Backlog, a new live program on in which I play through new and old games that are otherwise rotting in my collection for your amusement one hour a night on weeknights. Future games will be chosen by the viewers but I thought I’d start off with something that everyone says I need to have played, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. So come join us in the chat and we’ll all get through this together. Or you can click below to watch the embedded stream (though that’s probably less fun).

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Conrad Zimmerman