Come April, you won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store on PSP

But you can still download games elsewhere

As of March 31, 2016, PlayStation Portable owners in the United States, Canada, and Latin America will no longer be able to access the PlayStation Store directly through the handheld. SCEA is ending native support (but that’s not as big of a deal as it initially sounds).

Before you rush to drop an angry drive-by comment, it’s important to note that “users will be able to purchase PSP content from the web-based PlayStation Store, and also access past purchases from the Download list on their PSP system. Users will continue to have the ability to make in-game purchases from their PSP system.”

I’m trying to think back to the last time I used the native storefront. I can’t. Even for newer consoles, I usually buy and queue game downloads via web browser.

That said, I did get good use out of the PSP store way back when. Within weeks of owning the handheld, I dropped it on a hardwood floor and the poor disc tray was never the same. Even though it still worked after the accident (mostly), I tended to buy games digitally, depending on the file size, rather than stock up on a bunch of UMDs. What strange little things those were.

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