Codemasters wants its own Tom Clancy in Clive Barker

When Codemasters teamed up with Clive Barker to bring us Jericho, the response seemed somewhat mixed, but having played the game myself, I can confirm that it’s got all the tools to be a most stellar title. Codemasters is certainly confident of such, as it doesn’t want Jericho to be the last Barker game the company works on. Indeed, very much like Ubisoft has done with Tom Clancy, Codemasters wants to spearhead a wide selection of games brought to life from the mind of the horror master.

The company who brought us the magnificent Overlord wishes to take advantage of Barker’s “massive back catalogue” of intellectual property, which contains fantasy stories as well as horror, and work them in the same way the Tom Clancy games are used. With Barker himself a big fan of using videogames to tell stories and Codemasters putting some solid support behind Jericho, this could be a match made in Heaven, though Hell may be more appropriate.

Jim Sterling