Codemasters want you to play-test DiRT3

If you like playing videogames and the idea of telling the people who made it exactly what you think, Codemasters are offering you that chance. Codemasters are asking gamers to come to their offices and play-test DiRT3. Now obviously you cannot just turn-up as that would just be rude, instead you need to go to the Codemasters forums and give them:

  • Your age
  • Gamer tag, PSN ID or Steam ID
  • Your top 3 favourite games
  • Tell them how many hours a week you play games
  • Why you want to come and play DiRT3
The play-test will be taking place on February 3rd at their Southam offices and you will need to make your own way there. You will also get a chance to meet the development team and hopefully score yourself some swag – unless they are being really tight. Many of those within the games industry have their humble beginning as a games tester and if you were thinking of doing something similar this could give you a great chance to get some insight. On top of that, you will actually get to play DiRT3 before people like me.

Hollie Bennett