Codemasters throws four DiRT 2 videos at us, we watch them

In the past, I have made it no secret that I’ll always prefer in-game, uncut footage of videogames over an expertly cut trailer. Time and time again I’ve been fooled by very convincing trailers that just happen to leave out the bad parts, which is why I have mad about basically every DiRT 2 video for falling into the latter group.

Sometimes getting what you wished for isn’t very fun at all. Codemasters sent out four separate videos of DiRT 2 today, all of which are straight-up gameplay footage. Nothing against the videos, but really? Four? If you ask me, a game like this doesn’t even need fancy trailers — simply watching someone play is more than satisfactory.

The original DiRT was a beast in the realm of graphics, and DiRT 2 is no exception. How much better is the DirectX 11 version for PC going to look? Thinking about it frightens me.

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Psst: HD versions here

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