Codemasters looking for descendants of man who almost killed Winston Churchill

Yes, Codemasters is really looking for anyone who is a descendant of the Taxi Cab driver who hit Winston Churchill with his car while he was visiting New York on December 13th, 1931. In Codemasters upcoming game, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, they’re exploring an alternate reality where the cab driver that struck Churchill ended up killing him. Because of Churchill’s death, WWII took a turn for the worse and the Nazis invade America.

An Oxford historian is actively seeking out any descendants and the quest is being chronicled on Codemaster’s Web site

This is the first time I’m hearing of this actual incident. The man who hit Churchill was Mario Contasino who kept up on Churchill for the rest of his two-week visit in America making sure he was OK. They even ended up being good friends after this accident.

I am at a complete loss for words. This whole scenario sounds like it’s been made up. Also, why are they even looking for a descendant in the first place? Whatever the case, I at least got to use the Winston Churchill picture for once — and in proper context to a story too! 

[Thanks, Aerox!]


Hamza Aziz