‘Coda’ is still a free VR update for Volume

Here’s an E3 teaser

I wasn’t all that crazy about Volume when it was released, but some free DLC — VR no less — is enough to get me to check it out again.

Developer Mike Bithell has re-confirmed what he said last October, in that Coda will be a free expansion for owners of the original game, which is exclusive to the PlayStation VR platform. It’ll feature 30 new levels, with a heavy focus on the “villains and the scoundrels” of the game and a new protagonist.

It’ll be shown at E3, so we’ll know more sooner or later. Having experienced many “top-down diorama” VR games I’ve found them mostly to be hit or miss, but you can’t beat free (provided that you pony up for a PSVR).

Chris Carter
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