Coca-Cola Japan is doing a Super Nintendo World collab

Coca-Cola Japan

It’s out later this month

Super Nintendo World is at it again with a cool new collaboration, as Coca-Cola Japan just announced a new product for the region: Mario-themed Coke bottles.

The news comes via Yahoo Japan, which confirmed that they will be sold for 125 yen (just under one USD) for 250ml. The bottle is also tied to a contest to win tickets via a lottery: a popular means of distribution in Japan, especially for hot-ticket items like electronics.

Bottled coke in and of itself isn’t that exciting, but the new product will no doubt be a collector’s item because of the Mario designs that adorn the Coca-Cola Japan bottles: including a miniature rendition of a level and Princess Peach’s Castle, fireworks and all. It won’t be exclusive to Universal Studios Japan either, as the rollout is set to happen nationwide in Japan on April 25.

It’s kind of insane how cool Universal Studios of Japan is compared to American theme parks. Over the past year or so they’ve run collaboration events with Attack on Titan and Demon’s Slayer, with endless amounts of merch and even some limited-time rides. Hopefully we’ll see this level of involvement whenever Super Nintendo World comes to America.

Good Nintendo merch is hard to come back in the US outside of a slim few locations (like the New York City Nintendo store, or Disney World Epcot’s Mitsukoshi), and since the Japan location is super stocked, logic would dictate that they’d ship a lot of the same stuff over.

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