Cobra Stand is actually handy, but looks a bit ridiculous

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The picture above is the result of some dweeb trying to get creative during a photoshoot for a product and veering wildly down the wrong wroad. The PSP 2K/3K Multi-shape Cobra Stand Bundle Kit is designed to give you a fully bendable stand for your PSP, but by wrapping it around your arm you just look like some dbag trying to look cool and failing miserably. The gallery contains a second variation which is also equally retarded, although it may help you to look more like a Borg.

Other pictures show this contraption holding your PSP upright, which is cool, I guess, if you don’t want to just HOLD IT. Maybe it’s good for movies or something. Anyway, it retails for $23 and could be handy if you want to wrap it around something over your bed and watch stuff laying down. Also worth mentioning — this product was linked at the bottom of the page, which could be awesome attached to anything other than the thing it’s an actual replica of. Yo Dawg, I got you a PSP for your PSP…. 

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