Co-op platformer Super Chariot coming to Switch

The final resting place

Chariot is a platforming adventure game with local co-op and you know what that means: it’s destined for Nintendo Switch eventually. As it turns out, the title is coming to Switch this year as Super Chariot.

I feel like more enhanced-for-Switch ports could stand to have “Super” in their names.

Chariot is playable alone or with a friend and in the latter case, there’s co-op support whether you’re playing the Switch in handheld or docked mode. As for the packed-in DLC, it’s another playable character (the shopkeeper) and new items. “Walk on ice, light up the darkness, go swimming in lava, freeze the world in place, teleport the Chariot through time and space, and much more.”

This has slipped through the cracks for me a few times now, including as recently as last month when I tried to find another co-op game and ended up getting Human: Fall Flat instead. One of these days.

For more on Chariot, check Brett’s review. He definitely did not force me to link to his article and I am definitely not acting under duress or chuckling nervously about my predicament.

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