Co-op in Call of Duty: Black Ops will be its own thing

More and more, we are starting to finally see cooperative modes that aren’t literally the exact same levels from single-player but with support from a buddy. This is a damned good thing.

Modern Warfare 2‘s Spec Ops mode was a smart blend of the two routes developers can take, which got me to thinking — what’s awaiting us in Call of Duty: Black Ops? Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia has some answers for us, courtesy of MTV Multiplayer. Here’s how he views the various modes:

“Single-player is the epic, cinematic, seat-of-your-pants thrill ride that you star in. Then there’s multiplayer,” Lamia explains, “when you want to play competitive with your friends and really chisel and hone your skills and do that addictive experience.”

“And then co-op is for when you want to have a blast with your friends, just sitting on the couch and having an awesome co-op experience. We’re crafting unique co-op modes around that experience, but it is different than what people think.”

Vague, but that’s what you have to put up with so far from release. I bet most of you are dying to know if zombies are making a comeback. Me too!

No Co-Op In ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops’ Campaign, Treyarch Promises ‘Unique Co-op Modes’ [MTV Multiplayer]

Jordan Devore
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